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The stages and process for UI/UX Design


Understanding products and services to start with the project, we identify the trends and gaps that the business needs to fill in the Industry.


In-depth research is conducted to define the scope of the products.


Application Idea is finalized with a complete analysis.


The design is executed with a prototype executing the project as per the plan.


Validating the plan and project with a live test online to test the execution.


Once the project is rolled out we take care of its functionality and ensure for required updates periodically.

Nexcel Solutions specialize in developing user-friendly UI/UX Design. Employing structured approach right from wireframes to prototypes and final design. Our professional team of developers focuses on transforming ideas into reality with creativity and intuitive designs.

UX/UI designers at Nexcel Solutions are experts at producing aesthetically stunning and intuitively usable designs. UI/UX designers collaborate with you to create attractive and robust online presences for an exceptional user experience while delivering strong sustainable and brand-centric quantifiable solutions. We can provide excellent UX/UI design solutions for websites and applications thanks to our in-depth understanding of the development process and practical tool experience. A trusted source for solutions is Nexcel Solutions. We improve the end-user experience more than anyone else.

Users interact and connect with your products or services through your UI/UX design. Whether it’s online or off, we’re committed to planning and directing successful interactions. whenever users access your website or download and utilise your application. By structuring the UX/UI designers effectively, we keep the design straightforward so that users can quickly discover the necessary information on the goods or services they are looking for. This makes your website or application user-friendly, consistent, and focused on your company’s objectives. Your website’s or application’s design will reflect your brand. With our cutting-edge concepts and features, we assist you in developing an emotional connection.

Simple prototypes, short-term assistance, or full website or app design are some of the services we offer. Our knowledgeable team works to ensure that your users have a first-rate digital experience that meets the minimum AA accessibility level. We can brainstorm ideas with you and your team. Your UX challenges will be guided in the appropriate path by us. Our main objective is to provide you with the best value and return on your goals through a realistic approach to brainstorming, seminars, and hypothesis generation.

Blended experience to create a unique design.

Wireframing And Prototyping

Wireframes are used by Nexcel Solutions to begin the design phase. to choose the positioning for your website, mobile app, and online app. Wireframe designers help us envision the whole framework of your company’s online presence. Our wireframing and prototype process incorporates exact logic, taking into account design features, functionality, and workflow, and resolving difficult problems with straightforward solutions. Wireframing and prototyping are utilized to construct a roadmap for your company journey that will decode focused issue statements by fusing tried-and-true ideation approaches with client business needs.

We create a genuine digital connection with attention to detail and quality using a results-driven prototype that is based on a variety of tests. Utilizing our years of expertise, we construct information architecture by analyzing human behavioral patterns in order to design a distinctive, engaging, and straightforward digital design. Wireframing and prototyping may transform your idea by


Our designs are digital solutions that map the users’ preferences and your business.

UI And UX Design

The most important phase is post-wire framing when UI/UX design is created. We can see how digital apps are organized. On important pages, we provide interface elements using the wireframe layout. ensuring the design process for key parts. Utilizing technology that is empathy-driven is Nexcel Solutions. To produce the finest, we use a design methodology that is based on human behavior.

We assess the functionality and general usability of the product across several platforms using cutting-edge testing methodologies. Providing design expertise, we established a standard using the personas, journey maps, and blueprints of ideal customers.

We linked your brand language and the product/services online by designing thorough inspiration and investigating concepts. Consistent and coordinated visual components will produce the intended appearance and feel. We develop applications that have great user interfaces and eye-catching layouts to enhance the functionality of websites. designing systems for online companies and chic elements on which your UI and UX designs are based.

Consistent design experience across different devices and viewports.

Responsive Design

According to the visitor, Nexcel Solutions’ responsive design approach adjusts. For the optimal user experience on the constrained device, we establish the breakpoints based on screen size. making applications for various gadgets, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. We ensure that the column structure, typeface sizes, picture sizes, and material that is revealed adapt depending on the device. Different screen sizes are accommodated by the functionality and architecture of the website content.

Enhancing interfaces and producing the finest user experiences. We develop flexible websites with flexibility in mind, including sizing and cropping. Certain photos must be cropped for smaller displays in order to maintain impact. We make sure that each web page should have a minimum number of breakpoints, taking into account your business requirements. Therefore, the breakpoints aid in maximizing device versatility. We may also take into account how well your websites function on the platform, depending on the design.

Angular JS

Nexcel Solutions has the knowledge, experience, and engagement in angular development to deliver crucial applications on schedule. As Angular developers, we have the necessary strategic application planning, best practises for execution, and training for meeting development objectives consistently. We also have the necessary training for upgrading our skills.

By adding proven consistency to the model, our team of experts produces high-quality and scalable applications. Due to our knowledge, we can confidently provide clients with standard industry projects that are certain to succeed when it comes to application development services. In collaboration with businesses, we provide an engaging experience with the necessary security to help them achieve the success they deserve.

To design the most engaging, scalable, data-driven, and well-structured online and mobile apps for your company, we expedite the process using state-of-the-art technology stack, excellent service ethics, tools, and faultless execution tactics.

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React JS

Nexcel Solutions provides tough and complex development services using ReactJS. ReactJS developers with extensive expertise and excellent skill levels are working with us to design the introduction of new technologies and create business-driven solutions. Along with other cutting-edge solutions, we create web apps that are focused on people and performance. By embracing technological advancements, we improve digital visibility and scalability with our React JS Development Services.

We provide full-fledged Reactjs development, utilising the framework’s power to create scalable, feature-rich Reactjs solutions. The Reactjs Development Services provide advice on your Reactjs development while also assisting in accelerating business growth and creating new opportunities.

To fulfil requirements specific to a certain business, Reactjs Custom Solutions creates a unique combination of features and functionalities. to create mobile app experiences for any platform’s hardware. We combine the greatest features of both frontend and backend technologies while building large applications or single-page ones. All mobile devices can use our Reactjs templates because they are responsive themes made for all screen sizes.