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Our game developers have worked on some of the industry’s top titles, including hyper-casual games, multiplayer RPGs, and virtual reality games.

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The stages and process for UI/UX Design


We do concept analysis and research based on the details we receive from the client and prepare game design documents, flow design, and the execution plan. We also have detailed discussions with all stakeholders before starting other pre-production and production works and team formation.


Our team creates concept art and sketches based on the theme and vision of the game. The asset production team of modelers, animators, rigging artists, etc., are tasked to create 2D & 3D assets like props, characters, and environments based on the 3D art & sketches shared by the creative team.


Like all quality video game companies, our development team has hands-on experience developing mobile games and other video games using top game engines and technologies. The development team also consists of experienced testers who subject all games to rigorous QA and device compatibility testing. So, the game will run at optimized performance on your players’ devices.


Nexcel Solutions provides technical support and maintenance of games post publishing. Under our support & maintenance services, we keep games up-to-date on all devices and OS. The service includes standard support packages to custom service-level agreements on a project need basis as per gaming industry standards.


Special in-game events, promotional offers, cosmetic enhancements, & game economy tweaks are essential for player retention and engagement, especially in mobile game development. In addition, we need to create a community & engage with them through the proper channels. We have a dedicated and experienced LiveOps team.


We explore, identify, and implement all possible ways to make games developed by Juego monetize at the maximum level. We create and set up in-app-purchase bundles, integrate various ad networks, set up reward ads, etc., and iterate based on analytics data, to increase the revenue from all possible sources.

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Mobile games are selling like hotcakes. There is a great market for mobile apps especially games. Almost everyone uses a smartphone and it is common to have a game or two installed on your mobile devices. Everyone wants a piece of this marketplace, but many of them fail miserably. Reason for their failure is half-baked, underdeveloped games. To survive in this big and competitive environment, one needs a sleek and responsive game that impresses the users.

Our video game development company runs independent projects, jointly creates games with the client and provides additional operational services. Expertise of our team allows us to cover all gaming platforms and develop an amazing product that matches the customer’s vision and players preferences.

Leverage Unity to build desktop and mobile video games, web plugins, consoles, and more, to engage a wide audience. With Experience, expertise, and Unity, you can build powerful 3d gaming apps that operate smoothly on multiple platforms.

Lure users and trigger interest with a vibrant 3D software toolset that delivers visual effects, 3D printed models, and motion graphics. Deliver a top-notch gaming experience in the shape of interactive 3D applications, virtual reality, and much more.

Engage your target audience with thriving AR games built for cross-platform use and boosting your outreach. Enjoy gaming apps that are easily accessible and convenient to update based on user-friendly controls, and cutting-edge features.

Build outstanding apps with VR integration, rapid processing, and handy support systems with a massively potent development tool. Unreal for VR (virtual reality) is a top choice for your projects, as it ensures a responsive and high-quality gaming app.

Excite your users as they add multiple players during live VR games based on robust real-time multiplayer game functions. Deliver users an experience with your games hosted on your own premises while holding command over your Photon servers.

Enjoy the merits of cross-platform game development to build superb games that are robust with smooth functionality. Use incredible software to ensure successful and smooth path to developing games with the least number of hurdles.

Pick the very best game development solutions and game development company for your mixed reality games. Embrace a gaming app evolution with vibrant and accessible features and achieve a top-notch position through a powerful multi-paradigm, programming language.

Leverage a no-code development platform that ensures game creation without programming, coding or scripting. With a unique user interface, build games using a fluid process independent of software and design experience.