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The stages and process for Customized Applications

Defining The Problem

Customized applications require a predefined structure to understand the problem your app is solving.

Planning The Solution

Understanding the structure we plan the framework and features of the application.

User Interface

Dividing the features as per the user interface, to ensure that product or services offered by the application has proper flow.


The coding is executed by a professional full stack developer understanding the customer of your business.


Post designing the application it is tested on real-life parameters.

Documenting The Program

Customized apps are unique and they needed to be documented for future references.

Building specialised applications Your load on your IT resources is reduced by Nexcel Solutions’ planning, transformation, implementation, and administration of applications. We help you modernise your applications with our in-depth knowledge. custom software and applications using cutting-edge technologies. In order to create and deploy a solution that provides the greatest possible advantage to your organisation, our skilled team of developers first undertakes a thorough investigation to understand your unique use-case.

The business must adapt to changing technology difficulties, With the changing environment, creating and maintaining custom applications supports development and implementation. Our software is configured to meet your company’s requirements. providing adaptable apps based on cutting-edge technology with organised application systems that are secure and compatible. We warrant that the specially created solution will be scalable, maintain data integrity, and deliver exceptional performance in support of your business objectives.

We assist you in addressing the pain areas with the best solution for you thanks to our customised application development services, which are compatible with both desktop and mobile apps. developers of custom business applications with skills in Microsoft NET, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, and other web and mobile application technologies We provide mid-market clients from a variety of industries with top-notch custom application development services for both online and mobile applications.

Adding value to custom application development with professional consulting expertise, data management, integration, and software advisory services. We make our end-to-end digital solutions for your meeting your business challenges. Our application is built from the initial envision and plan process with stabilizing and deploy phases. Our standards-based approach employs a dedicated project methodology combined with technologies.

We develop an application to boost customer loyalty and give you a competitive advantage so you can attract and keep more new consumers. We engage customers with a leading-edge on your Custom. Customers want quick access to the data so they may immediately obtain the goods and services they need. The Custom Application is designed for self-service interactions with vendors.

Custom product development services with unique goals.

Product Development

Nexcel Solutions recognises your special needs and offers a standard product that works with common automation. We satisfy both your general needs and the features that are specifically designed to meet your company needs. We develop custom products with devoted professionals who comprehend your needs and assist you in finding the best business answer. In order to create a unique product that will assist your clients in obtaining the precise data you require in the manner you desire, we adapt your firmware and hardware engineering.

We define the requirements before learning the power of exclusivity with tailored business solutions. We research your business needs and produce an early prototype. Then we start creating a design that can accommodate your needs.

With your approval of the prototypes, we develop the unique products based on them. We ensure that the applications we create are user-friendly and adaptable to your demands.

We customized product development with different sensor options and different battery/power options. We make customized enclosure/housing creating a custom firmware that triggers off specific events, the service has the following phases and deliverables:

Proof of concept is built to demonstrate design the unique features and functionalities of the software idea.

POC Development

POC Development proof of concept is the very first step while building something Software. We make sure that the design demonstrates the unique features and functionalities of the software idea. Ideally, we demonstrate the power to solve a particular problem of the targeted customer. Building the desired software product goes through different stages for the development of Proof of Concept.

Nexcel Solutions works on all phases of development, from the proof-of-concept stage through the theoretical buildup to the MVP Stag. By developing proposals, we can inform the stakeholders about the project before moving the conversation along. We use blueprints, designs, architecture, codes, and a tested product to produce a working prototype.

With software design and programming, we guarantee the minimum desirable functionality and beautiful architecture for the end users: