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The stages and process for Cloud

Cloud Application

We help you decide right platform for hosting your application in the cloud.

Cloud Migration Planning

Assessing your business environment and determining the factors to govern the migration, of critical application data, legacy data, and application interoperability

Migration Business Case

Determine the key benefits expected out of cloud migration with three main dimensions, namely operational benefits, cost savings, and architectural improvements.

Data Migration Execution

We ensure to carry out your migration with minimal disruption to normal operation, within the cost and period.

Ongoing Upkeep

Post-migration to the cloud we ensure that it is optimized, secured, and retrievable for future requirements forward.

Customer Insights

The application has built insight for understanding the application so that you can engage with your customer better.

Our team of highly qualified, talented, and diligent individuals performs strategies through Nexcel Solutions’ cloud computing services. Our solutions meet a variety of client needs thanks to our ten years of experience developing cloud-based apps. For the development of Amazon cloud applications and Azure cloud applications, we are skilled in offering full-cycle cloud application development services.

The development of cloud computing architecture is primarily web-based and based on services that let you select the level of control over your data and services. With a wide range of clouds available for developers, services from cloud providers or technology departments are available to create one-of-a-kind services that make use of cutting-edge technologies for various price points. allowing you to avoid ongoing maintenance, procurement, and planning activities and concentrate on important cloud application projects.

Our cloud application development services are innovative and scalable. Creating apps that run in the cloud and you leverage features and services offered by cloud vendors. Creating long-term value cloud development solutions we blend mobile-first design methods with server-side programming to enrich your database functionality. Producing high-performance enterprise cloud application development; our cloud-native application includes ERPs, CRMs, and much more. Deploying cloud applications in public, private, or hybrid environments, we create integrated cloud application services.

To improve your online presence, use our cloud applications, which are extremely scalable, future-proof, and browser-independent. We offer cloud application development services using top-notch cloud development tools and solid technical expertise in the area of cloud software development. Our professionals assist you in overcoming difficult obstacles by creating a stack from scratch. utilising pre-existing platforms or open-source cloud technologies and programming languages like.NET, PHP, and Java.

Assisting is AWS performances.


Nexcel Solutions offers support for all business types using Amazon Web Services. We manage and track the setup of cloud resources to ensure compliance and proximity for specific servers or the entire data centre. assist with tools to deliver cloud resources that are well setup. Through the use of AWS Cloud Formation templates and AWS Ops Works’ automated infrastructure and system settings, we assist in automating the provisioning of infrastructure.

We help you monitor resource and application health with Amazon Cloud watch and the AWS Health Dashboard. Further, also understand the user activity with API calls for auditing. We assist you with the AWS range of services. Acting as an admin we define and manage user access to resources. Also, create a user directory with Amazon Cloud Directory, or connect cloud resources to the existing Microsoft Active Directory with the help of AWS Directory Service.

As an AWS admin, we assist you with scaling AWS tools dynamically with maintenance and performance along with

Deploying Azure provisioning, load balancing, and health monitoring is taken care of by us.


Nexcel Solutions offer an Azure cloud computing platform. We help you access and manage cloud services and resources. The services and resources include managing storage and transforming depending on your requirements. We assist you in optimizing and protecting the Azure workloads with ease.

High-end performance management and offering data management solutions. The flexibility and efficiency of Azure workloads are what motivate us. We use a coordinated strategy that extends uniform data protection throughout all environments. By utilising your Azure cloud platform to its full potential, we guarantee the accessibility of mission-critical applications.

Supporting Azure multiple programming languages, including Java, Node Js, and C#, we enable you to take maximum benefits of Azure data centers.