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Mobile Website Usability Rules

Around 1.2 billion people utilise mobile web services worldwide. There are a lot of mobile websites that are difficult to use. When viewed through mobile devices, a lot of mobile websites become inoperable. For best usability, bear in mind the following recommendations while designing and building mobile versions of websites.

Understand Your Potential Users

You should be aware of your target audience before developing the website. It is crucial because without it, it would be hard to create and build a website that provides a better platform for user interaction. There are numerous ways to find user information, including;

•    Conducting online questionnaires and polls
•    Web analytics
•    Usability testing tools

Any web development project must begin with the collection of accurate user information because this is the first stage in the process.

Make sure the Accessibility

Usability’s subcategory is accessibility. Therefore, it is evident that boosting your mobile website’s usability will result from making it accessible. When visitors must use a mobile device to view a website, the majority of their attention and focus should be on the content that will help them accomplish their objectives. So make an effort to use a genuine format.

Simple is the best

Typically, the screen size, processing power, and internet speed of mobile devices are limited. Although dual core mobiles and tablets have fewer restrictions on these aspects. However, mobile devices are still less powerful than a computer, thus it is advised that you concentrate solely on aiding your users in achieving their goal. This frequently entails creating a different website specifically for users that access your website through a mobile device. You may also create an app that users can download from app stores.

Importance of colors

For a mobile website to be effectively usable, colours are crucial. To effectively convey your message, choose effective colour combinations. Make an effort to effectively communicate your site’s goal through colour. For optimum results, provide a stark contrast between the text and its background.


Usability testing is a continual, ongoing process. It is ideal to actually conduct testing using a variety of real devices, but this can be expensive for smaller web design and development firms. Usually, it’s done on the most widely used gadgets, like the iPhone, the Android phone, the Pad, the Android tablet, and the Windows Phone.

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